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We know instructors often leave the same feedback repeatedly across different assignments. The Comment Bank allows instructors to save comments in order to re-use in the future, and access them with a fast search. It also provides the ability to take an existing comment bank item and customize it further before leaving it on an assignment (e.g. to make it more personal).

Video Courtesy of Ben Hommerding from St. Norbert's College :

Adding items to your comment bank

Adding from a Google Docs comment. While grading assignments, you can save a comment you just left to your bank.

  1. After submitting a comment using the  in the toolbar, you'll see "Add to comment bank" appear when you click on the vertical dots in upper right

  1. Click Add to comment bank

  2. (Optional) edit your text further in the dialog that appears

  3. Click ADD to save the final text

Bulk add. If you have a pre-existing bank, you can easily copy it all at once into the Course Kit tool comment bank:

  1. Go to Add to comment bank

  2. Copy and paste your existing feedback bank into the textbox. Every new line will correspond to a new entry in Course Kit tool's comment bank. (If you have any section headers, bullets, etc., make sure to remove them first. Please add paragraph returns for each new comment.)

  3. Click Add to save.

Using the Comment bank

Now that your bank is setup, you can reference it while grading a Google Docs file in Course Kit tool:

  1. While typing a Google Docs comment, use the # symbol to search your bank.

    1. For example, you can type "#mla" to search for feedback bank entries containing "mla"

  1. To insert a result, click on it to insert and replace your search query. You can also navigate using your keyboard's up/down arrow keys and pressing enter.