For the purpose of this documentation, the word "course" refers to a Course Site course unless otherwise noted.

It is fairly common that instructors may re-use some content (activities and/or resources) from one semester to another instead of manually re-creating the items. There are two methods available for importing certain course content from one Course Site course to another:

  1. Import (most common): This method should be used to copy content from another course that you have access to.
  2. Restore (from course backup): This method should only be used when you no longer have access to the course from which you want to copy content. If you do not have access to a course backup file for the desired course, please contact the Instructional Technology team to check availability.

Import method

Course content may be imported from any other course in which you have editing-level permissions. Importing course content does not include any student/learner data (e.g. forum posts, assignment submissions, grades, etc.). To copy certain course content using the import method: