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Artlandia SymmetryShop is a plug-in for Adobe's PhotoShop that allows users to . . .  SymmetryWorks is a similar plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.

The software can be installed from the 'Managed Software Center' on LTS-supported iMacs in Building C, and is used for Art, Architecture and Design department classes.

Follow the steps below to install and activate the software for use:

1) On the Mac where you intend to use the software, open the Finder by clicking the icon on the dock, and navigate to the Applications directory.

2) In the Applications directory, scroll down, and Double-click to open the 'Managed Software Center', and in that window, locate the 'SymmetryShop' icon (or SymmetryWorks), and click the 'Install' button beside it.

3) When the installation completes (spinner disappears), the button that you clicked will change to say 'Remove'.  Close the 'Managed Software Center', and the Applications window, and click the icon on the dock to open Adobe PhotoShop (or Adobe Illustrator).

4) Under the Window Menu in PhotoShop or Illustrator, find and click the 'SymmetryShop' (or SymmetryWorks) command under the Extensions option.  The SymmetryShop window will appear.

5) Click the 'Register' button in the SymmetryShop panel, and . . .

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