The "Go Links" service offers shortened, custom, Lehigh URLs that are easy to remember and forward clients to any page you'd like. You can set up a Go link at Read about go links at LTS Service Description Page

What is this for?

Getting to a particular web page can sometimes be tricky. When you search for the page, finding the right term can be non-trivial, and the page you want may be buried in an avalanche of search results for similar pages. Or you may remember how to get to where you want to go, but it takes you a dozen clicks to get there. It can be easier just to type in the web address of the page. Except that web addresses (URLs) can often get very long and unwieldy, so remembering the correct address, or just typing it, can get to be a pain.

A URL shortener (also called a redirection service) can solve that, by converting a long, complex URL into one that's easy to remember and easy to type. You may be familiar with some commercial redirection services, such as,, or Lehigh's is called 'Let's Go'.

How do I make one?

  1. Have a link (web page) that you want to others to visit.
  2. Think of a word or phrase for your go link. For example, if your link is a survey, you may want to make a go link ""
  3. Log into and fill out the form. Note that some go links require approval.

How do I see all the go links I have requested? 

Go to and click on the Manage your existing redirects below the big, blue Let's go button.

What forms of URL can I use for go links? 

A go link can be of one of two formats: or

What if my go link is being used by someone else? 

The system won't let you use a go link that is already in use.

A go link used by my department has expired, or is about to expire. It was created by a former staff member or we don't know who created it. What should we do? 

Contact the LTS Help Desk for assistance.

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