Students will click on the link to your assignment posted in course site and be prompted to sign in to google.  

Students must log in to their Lehigh google account only. Once logged in, then they can open and add a file to the assignment.

Note: It is recommended that students use Google Chrome Browser.

If first time using Google Assignments, students will be prompted to sign-in to Lehigh Google account if not already logged in as well as enable cookies.

To link account to Google Assignments:

  • Click Sign In
  • Choose (or Add) your Lehigh Google Credentials
  • Click Link

You will only have to link your account once per course.

NOTE: If accidentally logged in with a non-Lehigh Google account, students will need to select Switch Account to link Lehigh Google account instead.

  1. Open assignment
  2. Optional- Open the shared file if professor has added a template
  3. OR Add Files or create new google files to associate with the assignment
  4. Submit

Once you have graded, added comments,  and returned the file, the students will get an email. This email is from  and may read  “Your assignment has been returned and is ready for you to review. View assignment (Web Link)

Students will then be able to open the file again, reply to your comments, make edits and mark comments resolved, and re-submit as needed.

Turnitin Assignment

How to add a submission to a TurnitIn assignment.

Course Site (Moodle) Assignment

How to add a submission to a Moodle assignment.

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