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Lehigh is part of a Beta program testing Google's Course Kit  which allows you to review and grade google files from within Course Site.

How to add a Google Course Kit assignment in Course Site

In the course that you have chosen, start by adding an activity or resource as usual.

Pick External tool and then click on Add:

Fill out the following fields:

    1. Activity name: whatever you’d like for your assignment.

    2. Chose course kit as the Preconfigured tool option (under Course tools subheading):

    1. Click show more to edit the Activity description and check desired display options on course page

    2. You should leave all other general and privacy settings at the default

    3. Click on Save and display

You should see course kit load. If it's your first time using course kit, you will be prompted to sign-in to your Google account.

Then, to link your account to course kit:

    1. Click Sign In > Choose your school G Suite Account > Link Account

      1. NOTE: if you’re logged in with your non-G Suite account, you will need to select Switch Account to link your school G Suite account.

      2. You will only have to link your account once per course

  1. After you link your account, you should see the message “No student submissions yet”

That's it! Your students can now turn in their Drive files when they open this assignment in Moodle.

Note: While you won’t need to link your account again, you will select the course kit tool each time for all of your assignments. There will also be a folder created in your google drive called “classroom” or “assignments”, and a subfolder titled the name of your class.

How to grade course kit assignment

Student switcher

  • The student switcher is at the top-left hand corner of the GG tool. It will show you the name of the student whose assignment you’re viewing, the number of files they’ve attached for this assignment, and the status (e.g. turned in).

  • To toggle between students’ assignments, use the arrows to the right of the the status cell.

Feedback Bank


We know instructors often leave the same feedback repeatedly across different assignments. The Feedback Bank allows instructors to save comments in order to re-use in the future, and access them with a fast search. It also provides the ability to take an existing feedback bank item and customize it further before leaving it on an assignment (e.g. to make it more personal).

Adding items to your feedback bank

Adding from a Google Docs comment. While grading assignments, you can save a comment you just left to your feedback bank.

  1. After leaving the comment, you'll see + Add to feedback bank appear below your comment.

  1. Click + Add to feedback bank

  2. (Optional) edit your text further in the dialog that appears

  3. Click OK to save the final text

Bulk add. If you have a pre-existing feedback bank, you can easily copy it all at once into the GG feedback bank:

  1. Open the Chrome web browser

  2. Click the GG Feedback Bank icon (labeled ‘G’) in your Chrome toolbar

  3. Copy and paste your existing feedback bank into the textbox. Every new line will correspond to a new entry in GG"s feedback bank. (If you have any section headers, bullets, etc., make sure to remove them first.)

  4. Click Add to feedback bank to save.

Using the feedback bank

Now that your feedback bank is setup, you can reference it while grading a Google Docs file in GG:

  1. While typing a Google Docs comment, use the # symbol to search your feedback bank.

    1. For example, you can type "Great job! However: #mla" to search for feedback bank entries containing "mla"

  1. To insert a result, click on it to insert and replace your search query. You can also navigate using your keyboard's up/down arrow keys and pressing enter.

  • To add individual comments to your feedback bank, use the + button after you’ve typed up a new comment.

  • To recall a comment from your feedback bank in a new comment, open a new comment and enter a # symbol and then start typing a word to search from your comment; save to post.


  • Enter the number grade in the “Grade” field in the upper right-hand corner

  • While it defaults to /100, you can customize the denominator of your grade.

Overall Feedback

  • To leave overall feedback for an assignment, enter text in the lower right-hand nav:

Returning assignments

  • You can return assignments one by one (using the return button on the upper right-hand corner of GG or in bulk (using the Return button on the assignments page in your Coursesite after selecting the students whose assignment you'd like to return).


Returning one-by-one

Returning multiple assignments by selecting all of the files you’d like to return at once

  • Once an assignment has been returned:

    • The grade you entered in GG should be sent to your Coursesite gradebook.

      • Note: Grades will only flow from GG to your Coursesite.  If you update in Coursesite later -- GG will not be changed and no longer be synced.

    • An archival copy of the assignment (in the state it was in at the point of return, with all comments and grade) will be automatically created and stored in an “Assignments” folder in your Drive.

    • Students will get an email, notifying them that their assignment has been graded, with a link to open up their graded assignment and view the comments.

    • Students can then engage in a dialog with you in this overall feedback field (as well as in the individual comments).

Send Feedback to Google for Pilot

Want to suggest an improvement or having an issue?  

Please use the Send Feedback button, you can add a comment and send a copy of your screen to google to review.

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