Please read the 'Best Practices for Zoom Meeting Attendees.'  All of the points detailed on this page pertain to presenters as well.


It is recommended that you use  install and use Zoom app to host your meetings.  This will allow you to use Lehigh's single sign on.


See this link to set up an individual meeting with alternative host-

See this link to set up scheduling privileges

Google Calendar Scheduling Privilege

Best Practices for Presenters

You must log into Zoom with your Lehigh credentials to host your meeting

As a presenter during a Zoom session, you will likely be sharing content from your computer desktop.  

  • Consider closing applications that you will not be referring to during your presentation.
  • Consider turning off visual and auditory notifications that you have set up on your computer (new incoming email, text messages, weather notifications, etc.)  They can be an unexpected distraction during your presentation.
  • Notify students in writing (i.e., post in Course Site) if the class will be recorded (audio and/or video). And consider repeating this notification orally at the beginning of each class session. If you wish to record students during a class meeting and share with others outside the course, please discuss this with students in advance.
  • Indicate to the attendees how you would like to handle questions and discussion: interject questions throughout, 'raise' a hand to be acknowledged, save questions for Q&A at a designated time, etc.
  • Indicate to the attendees whether you will take questions verbally, using the chat feature, or both.
  • Open applications, files, websites, etc., that you expect to share with your audience.  This reduces the time spent navigating to content you want to share with your audience.
  • When ready, click the 'Share Screen' icon at the bottom center of the Zoom window.

  • It is preferred to share your entire desktop, in the upper-left corner, as this allows you to easily move from one application to another.  
  • If you will be sharing video, check the 'Share computer audio' checkbox in the lower-left corner so that the associated audio can be heard by session participants.
  • Click 'Share Screen' in the lower-right corner.

Once you are sharing your desktop, your Zoom window will reorient. Your shared slides will be the largest part of the window and the toolbar will now display at the top of the Zoom window.

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