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The computer appears to be shut down and I can't access the CPU.

Contact the LTS Help Desk. They have access to a key to the cabinet. 

I can't find the glass cleaner and/or markers in this room.

Glass cleaner and/or markers should be available in the studio and not removed. If those supplies are low or missing, please contact the CITL team directly.

Can I adjust the camera, lights, or microphone? 

No, equipment should never be moved/adjusted in the studio. The equipment has been optimized for each setup and the space it is in - this includes sound, lighting, camera angle, etc. Moving or adjusting any equipment in the studio may be grounds for loss of studio privileges. If you find equipment has been moved, or have concerns about the setup, please contact the LTS Help Desk or the CITL team for assistance.

When I insert my USB flash drive, I get a message telling me that the drive is not formatted correctly / the drive is not readable.

First, try closing the One Button application and restarting it. This fixes most of the issues. Secondly, your flash drive must be formatted as FAT32 in order to be recognized. You can re-format your flash drive using these instructions, or, you may borrow a flash drive from the One Button Studio pouch available at the EWFM circulation desk. After recording, be sure to upload your files to the storage space of your choosing using the presentation PC on either cart. Keep in mind that if you do choose to re-format your own flash drive, you will lose all files already saved to the drive.

I've launched the One Button Studio software, but I am being prompted to "Choose a Volume" first. What should I select?

If you get this window, leave the currently selected volume as-is and simply click the "Open" button. The One Button software will now function normally.

How much space will my mp4 recording file take up on my flash drive?

Generally, you can assume that a 1GB drive will accommodate 30 minutes of recording time. However, if you expect to save anywhere near 30 minutes worth of recording, we suggest coming prepared with a larger capacity flash drive.

When in doubt, the library circulation desk can let you check-out a 16GB USB flash drive for use during your reserved studio time.

I've removed the flash drive from the hub, but the studio lights did not turn off. What should I do?

Be sure that you did not accidentally close, minimize, or click away from the One Button Studio software. The lights will only turn on and off if the software is active on screen. Insert the USB drive back into the hub, then make sure the OBS software is open and active again. Remove the flash drive again. This should turn off the lights. You do not need to close the OBS software.

Are my recordings private?

All recording are backed up on the studio hard drive. They can only be accessed by CITL staff and will not be made publicly available, in part or in whole, unless permission has first been granted by the creator. If you have accidentally deleted your own copy of your recording and need a back-up copy, please contact the CITL staff directly. Back-up copies are only retained for the duration of the current semester.

Is there a presentation clicker/remote available for use?

Yes! The remote is available for check-out from the circulation desk by request. It comes with instructions for set-up and use. It may currently be used with the presentation PC on the One Button Studio cart.

Can I use the projector to display slides/images in conjunction with the green screen technology?

No. The green screen will "wash-out" any projected images on the backdrop. If you would like add visual content while still utilizing the green screen, you must do so in post-production.

I am trying to edit my OBS videos using Adobe Premiere but the video and audio are out of sync.

The One Button Studio produces mp4 file with a variable frame rate (VFR). VFR is the most efficient recording method and is supported by nearly all media players. However, some video editors - specifically Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Elements -don't play the file correctly causing the audio and video to be out of sync. The fix for this issue if it arises, is to first compress the file with the program Handbrake. Final Cut Pro, a video editing tool compatible with files created in the OBS, is available freely for use in the Mac lab located in the Digital Media Studio.

Where can I get post-production assistance with my recordings (ie: customizing the green screen background, etc)?

For post-production assistance, contact the Digital Media Studio at 610-758-3057. The studio is located one floor below the One Button Studio and can be accessed just outside of the building. The DMS also has a variety of software tools on their own studio Macs which can allow you to edit your own recordings if you so choose.

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