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 Studio Rules and Expectations

  • DO NOT move any of the equipment, especially the camera, lights or microphone as all the equipment has been configured for optimal performance in all scenarios within the space. The microphone, especially, is a highly-sensitive microphone that MUST remain at a distance to prevent sound distortion.
  • DO NOT attempt to adjust the backdrop. Should you suspect there is a problem, please contact the Instructional Technology team.
  • Make sure you stand on the "X" so you can be recorded in the best scenario and not in the way of the Mondopad display if you are using that feature. 

  • Turn on/off all appropriate studio lights using switch at door before recording

  • Turn off all lights at door when finished in room.

  • Always leave the studio exactly as you found it (and lock the door) before returning the key to the circulation desk.

Lightboard Studio Recording Best Practices

  • Wear light colored clothing/avoid patterns ( don't wear anything with letters, as they will be reversed in the video)

  • Plan to record 5-10 min videos

  • Clean glass after each video (don't waste time erasing on camera)

  • Plan what you will WRITE ahead of time (keep in mind the limited "real estate" of the glass, etc)

  • If using the projector with the Lightboard, use only a black background for graphics. Keep text in slides  to a minimum.

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