Catalog description: Exploration of geospatial tools, including but not limited to global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), and related visualization tools (e.g., Google Earth). Application of these tools and techniques to instructional settings, including appropriate pedagogy and assessment.

Course format: This class is being held during the Winter Term (January Term) for the first time. The course begins January 11 and ends on January 22, with no class session on Monday, January 18 (Martin Luther King Day). The class will meet face-to-face from 4 pm until 8 pm in Iacocca Hall, room E-106 except for the two Wednesday sessions (Wed, 13 Jan and Wed, 20 Jan). For those two classes, materials will be posted online for students to view and interact with.

Recommended equipment, software & web services

  • GPS unit or GPS-enabled smartphone. I have GPS units for students to borrow during the course. (They are far more accurate than any smartphone app that I have seen to date.)
  • Google Earth: – I believe the "Pro" version is currently free!
  • My World GIS: No longer sold or available as a trial download. PC version available from the instructor...but it looks like the Mac version can't work as a local install in our classroom.
  •– free web-based GIS from Esri
  • (A spreadsheet program; Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets or an equivalent)
  • For those interested in augmented reality: ARIS (Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling):

Class sessions & topics – Each topic links (or will link) to supporting pages. I will be posting as much material as possible on this publicly-available wiki and will make minimal use of CourseSite. Unless otherwise noted, assignments are due on the day in which they're listed.

  • Monday, January 11: 4-8 pm, Iacocca Hall room E-106
  • Tuesday, January 12: 4-8 pm, Iacocca Hall room E-106
  • Wednesday, January 13: Online, no face-to-face component; complete at your own pace
    • Map projections (i.e., why doesn't my map overlay work???)
    • Google Earth vs. Google Maps (i.e., client-side software vs. web services)
    • First look at
    • An altogether insufficient look at mobile environments: Google Earth on a computer vs. Google Earth on an iPad; mobile services ...could not get to this
    • assignment due: Google Earth proof-of-concept: KMZ or KML file, plus text file describing how you hope to use the finished product and what you need to do to complete it.

  • Thursday, January 14: 4-8 pm, Iacocca Hall room A-122 (note change)
  • Friday, January 15: 4-8 pm, Iacocca Hall room A-122 (note change)
  • Monday, January 18: No class (observance of Martin Luther King holiday)

  • Tuesday, January 19: 4-8 pm, Iacocca Hall room E-106
  • Wednesday, January 20: Online, no face-to-face component; complete at your own pace
  • Thursday, January 21: 4-8 pm, Iacocca Hall room E-106
    • Project work, prepare presentations
    • For those interested: Augmented reality building time

  • Friday, January 22: 4-8 pm, Iacocca Hall room E-106
    • Present final projects
    • Closing ceremonies
    • assignment due: Final project files and presentation files of final project. These can be turned in no later than Sunday, January 24. 




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