Depending on the grade structure of the course, it is possible that calculations cannot be done easily via the built-in gradebook in Course Site.  If you think your calculations may be too complex for the built in capabilities of the Course Site gradebook, you can use Excel to formulate your grades, and upload them to your Course Site gradebook.

Exporting Grades from the CourseSite Gradebook

  1. Log into course site and navigate to the course and then click on "Gradebook Setup" in Administration block.

2. Click Export and Excel Spreadsheet will be the default and check what you would like to export and then click "download."

3. Save file to a location and then open file in excel.

 Note: Once the file has downloaded you can add a grades to existing column or add additional columns. If you have downloaded everything as a backup or work on advancing grading features, then that can all be done in excel.

Importing Grades to the CourseSite gradebook

  1. Go to excel and open the file that you have created. Add grades to fields or add additional columns for assignments. When you are done you need to save your excel file as a .CSV


2.Go back to the gradebook set up, click Import tab. Browse or drag the file that you want to upload. This MUST be a .csv file.

3. Select the Assignments that you would like to update and then click upload.

4. You will get message indicating that the grades have been successfully updated. Click "Continue."

5. Once you click "continue" it will return you to the grader report.

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