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If you manage an Administrative course and have more than 25 users to enroll, you can create a .csv file and send it to your Instructional Technologist to have it batch enrolled into your course - saving you time from manually adding the users.

The .csv file must contain the fields listed below, be spelled exactly how they are listed below, be in the first row of the sheet and, be in the order they are listed.  Also, the spreadsheet can only include the information from the fields below and cannot contain any other fields (many people send roster downloads from Banner, which includes other data).  Finally, the email field must contain the entire string (i.e., not just jqs7. 

The "course" field is the short name for the course (i.e., FIN-335-011/013-SP14 ).



For your convenience, here is a template you can download and follow.

Please send the completed file to

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