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Instructors are able to set individual user overrides for course activities, such as quizzes, within a course.  Overrides are useful when students have to take quizzes at different times than the rest of class or when students are entitled to extended time (often via Student Support Services). Potential overrides include: setting time limits, adjusting quiz availability by date, password protecting the activity, and managing attempts.

Accessing user overrides

First, click on the quiz that you want to want to use the override function for.

Then, goto Administration>Quiz Administration>User Overrides

Click "Add user override."

Change the settings for the appropriate students.  For this example, Jason is going to have the exam released during the same time as the rest of the class, but he will have 135 minutes to complete the exam as opposed to the 90 minutes that the rest of the class has.  Note: You can only set up one user override at a time, you cannot do multiple overrides at once.  Each student will have to be set up separately.   

Click "Save" or "Save and enter another override."  When you are complete, you will see a table of all the current user overrides.  Students who have overrides will access the quizzes in the exact same way as other users.

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