Self-Service Banner (SSB) provides faculty, staff, and students access to personal information (address changes, phone number updates, emergency contacts, etc.), student records (class schedules, grades, account receivable information, financial aid, etc.), employee information (leave balances, pay stubs, tax forms, etc.), and many other items. It is available 24/7 and can be accessed outside of the Lehigh network. Users log in with their Lehigh network credentials (username/password). 

Web URLs

Self-Service Banner 8


Self-Service Banner 9

* Will be available through various links in *

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New version of Self-Service Banner

Self-Service Banner 9 (SSB9) will be available to the Lehigh community beginning Monday, October 31. SSB9 brings a refreshed, more modern presentation and mobile-friendly design to the Banner Self-Service interface with simplified navigation. Current Self-Service Banner 8 (SSB8) applications will still be available to use through the Spring 2023 semester, but we highly encourage using SSB9 in order to familiarize yourself with the new pages. Ellucian will discontinue support of SSB8 by July 2023.

There are several updated modules in SSB9, including:

  • Employee Self-Service
  • Faculty Self-Service
    • Advising Student Profile (after registration, Advisee Listing features until then)
  • Student Self-Service
    • Financial Aid Self-Service
    • Accounts Receivable Self-Service
  • Finance Self-Service
  • General Self-Service 

How do I access the new Self-Service Banner (SSB9)?

The new SSB9 applications will be accessed by links added to until Enterprise Systems rolls out more robust access methods using a new Ellucian product called Experience. Once approval is given by functional area representatives, access to the different modules will become available through and through landing pages within the various Self-Service applications. 

Navigating between SSB8 and SSB9

During this transition, you may encounter an occasional security error navigating between the two systems. If this occurs, please close your browser and log in again. It is recommended that if you need to use SSB8 that you open it in a separate browser window if possible, unless specific links direct you otherwise. Again, this will not be an issue when SSB8 is officially retired. 

Timeline for transition

We will be taking the following action over the following months as we transition to this new Self-Service Banner:

  • October 2022: The first wave of modules to become available will include General, Student, Faculty (including Advising Profile), Employee, and Finance. 
  • Late December 2022: Student Proxy Access/Management will be converted and become available in SSB9. Additionally, we also will begin removing the parts of the SSB8 menu that point to any functionality that is already replaced by SSB9. 
  • By Spring 2023: We will continue to work with departments with custom SSB8 pages to transition to SSB9 or replace them with other software solutions.  


Issues should be reported in the normal fashion using the Jira ticket system.  Any issues that affect multiple users/groups of users and are awaiting resolutions will be tracked here. 

Effected GroupIssueResolution
Faculty AdvisorsAdvisee Listing not returning resultsMake sure the current term (or earlier) is selected in the dropdown.  The list of advisees only contains advisees registered for the active term.  
Faculty AdvisorsPIN not correct/not available in SSB9This will likely be resolved after registration. Banner 8 (customized) and 9 use the same setting in slightly different ways.  To switch the setting is problematic to users in 8, while it limits users in 9 to only be able to see students for the current term, providing an incorrect PIN, thus it has now been removed from the page.  Please use the PIN from Banner 8, or from the Faculty Dashboard in Argos.
Faculty AdvisorsRegistration Override not available in SSB9Resolved.  Tile on Faculty Landing Page.  
Faculty Advisors/AllCannot email from email icons/links in SSB9This is a computer related issue.  It probably is happening for you in SSB8 as well.  Please see section below on instructions to Set GMail as Default Email Client
AllName prefix (i.e. Mr./Ms./Dr.) may be incorrect.This is a data entry issue that occurred over time.  Currently working on a resolution to correct. 

Transition from SSB8 to SSB9 list

This section will be updated as we progress through the implementation of SSB9. We will list out pages or forms that have been deactivated in SSB8 and moved to SSB9 (or another software solution if applicable).

Banner 8 Main MenuBanner 8 Page/MenuBanner 9 LocationCommentsRetire Date
Student ServicesRegistration Menu

A few places to access this:
Student Registration Page ( then go to Student Registration or

SSB9 Student Landing Page
( then go to Student Self-Service 9 or )

Select the Registration tile to:
Check your registration status; Add or drop classes; Select variable credits; Display your class schedule.

You can also select the Student Profile tile where you will find a comprehensive page of your student record and links to access other functions such as grades, transcripts, class schedule, registration status and holds, etc. 

Main MenuPersonal InformationAccess through any of the 3 main SSB9 landing pages through (Employee Self-Service 9, Student Self-Service 9, Faculty Self-Service 9)

You will find access to all personal information here. 

Employees (including Faculty) - Access through the My Profile button on the Employee Dashboard. 

Faculty/Students - Access through Personal Information tile on the respective landing pages.

Faculty & Advisors MenuSummary/Detail Class/Wait Lists

SSB9 Faculty Landing Page
( then go to Faculty Self-Service 9 or )

Click the Class List Tile 

Filter, sort, etc. functions are also available here. 

Faculty & Advisors MenuFaculty Schedule 

SSB9 Faculty Landing Page
( then go to Faculty Self-Service 9 or )

Click the Faculty Schedule Tile 

Faculty & Advisors MenuAdvisor Menu

SSB9 Faculty Landing Page
( then go to Faculty Self-Service 9 or )

Click on the Advising Profile tile

Additional information can be found here -

Faculty & Advisors MenuGrade Entry pages

SSB9 Faculty Landing Page
( then go to Faculty Self-Service 9 or )

Click the Faculty Grade Entry Tile.

We are already directing faculty from 8 to 9 for most grades already.    The exceptions are some writing intensive and cross-listed courses. All grades will eventually need to be entered in SSB9.

Working with RAS
Faculty & Advisors MenuRegistration Overrides

SSB9 Faculty Landing Page
( then go to Faculty Self-Service 9 or )

Click the Registration Override Tile.

In addition to the tile on the landing page, also can be access from the Student Profile page when viewing an Advisee. 

Proxy Access

Student Record Proxy Access

Parent Proxy Access

SSB9 Student Landing Page
( then go to Student Self-Service 9 or )

Parents -

Click on Proxy Access Tile to grant proxy access to parent/guardian.  Parents will access using the Go link that will be repointed to SSB9 version. More info can be found at Proxy Help Page.



N/A - Determine a place to link from within SSB9 pages or an Experience card

We can create a go link to the following URL and put that in SSB9 somewhere

We can also create this page using Argos,Ellucian survey, a poll or DocuSign - does not have to be in Banner.



Benefits and Deductions

Retirement Plans



This information can also be obtained through the TIAA website



Budget Queries 


This was a custom in SSB8 to add Beg Balance and Current Fund Balance to the budget query. SSB9 not customizable, maybe create a report.

Set GMail as Default Email Client

  1. On the computer, press the Windows (Start) key.
  2. Type Default Apps
  3. Scroll down on the right pane and select the "Choose default apps by protocol" link
  4. In the resulting window, scroll down on left and find MAILTO.
  5. Click the icon to the right and select Google Chrome. 
  6. Open your Chrome Browser head to Settings from the upper right corner.

  7. Select Privacy and Security from the left.
  8. Select Site Settings from the middle of the page. 
  9. Scroll down and click the down arrow next to Additional Permissions.
  10. Scroll and click on Protocol Handlers
  11. Under email select Google Mail as the default.

If you have any questions, please contact LTS Enterprise Systems at

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