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This page provides resources which provide an introduction to Course Site.

Since Course Site is built on the Moodle course management system, links to other Moodle resources have also been provided.

Faculty Information

Instructor tip sheet "10 Things Every Instructor Should Know About Course Site "

Documentation on Moodle Basics provided by

Student Information

Student tip sheet "10 Things Every Student Should Know About Course Site"

Students can access their grades in any course by clicking the "Grades" link in the Administration Block.

General Documentation

  • Documentation Manual (Note: Course Site uses Moodle version 3.x)
  • The entire Documentation Manual (link above) is also available from the Course Site Home page. Click on the MOODLE button at the bottom center of the Home page.
  • Documentation is also available from the bottom of every Course Site page. Click on the "Moodle docs for this page" link at the bottom of the web page.
  • Context-sensitive help is available by clicking on the small yellow question mark icons located throughout the course site. These help links provide specific help on the task you are working on at that moment
  • Additional resources (e-books, links to other college/university resources, etc.) are available at: External Documentation Resources
  • Lehigh specific general reference materials include:
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