The following documentation outlines the process for adding the First Day Course Materials link in an active Course Site course. Only one link per course is needed.

Access the main landing page of your Course Site course (you must be the course instructor). Click Turn editing on.

We recommend adding the link at the top of your course near the Announcements forum and your posted syllabus. At the bottom-right of that section, click Add an activity or resource.

In the Add an activity or resource panel, select External tool then click Add.

Provide an Activity name which we recommend, for consistency, to be First Day Course Materials.

Since the tool has already been preconfigured, select First Day Course Materials from the Preconfigured tool dropdown menu.

Click Save and return to course.

You're link is now available for students to access!

If you have questions regarding adding this tool to your Course Site course, please contact the Help Desk or submit a ticket at

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