The Data Steward and Data Manager roles include a responsibility of oversight and maintenance of Banner access for a specific functional area. The responsibilities of Data Stewards and Data Managers are outlined here. The resources listed below are intended to assist Data Stewards and Data Managers in completing these tasks.

Reviewing Banner Access Requests

As a Data Steward or Data Manager, it is your responsibility to approve or deny Banner access requests for your functional area. Supervisors within the University will follow the instructions here to submit a request to the Security Coordinator, and the Security Coordinator will contact you to obtain approvals. Alternatively, Data Stewards can also submit access requests to the Security Coordinator on behalf of the supervisor following the instructions linked above.

There are Argos reports available to you as resources for determining appropriate access for users based on their job function. See the descriptions below to determine which Argos reports may be helpful to you.

    • To view a list of classes and roles, the Data Steward or Data Manager may refer to the Argos dashboards under the Banner Security folder.
      • Banner Security History/Current - lists previous and current employees and their associated classes and database roles if applicable
        • Based on a selected user, you can see the assigned classes and associated forms. It also displays the user’s roles.
        • Banner Security (in Argos now) - will be updated with historical data for previous employees.
        • IN PROGRESS
      • Banner Security Classes/Forms - lists all classes, what forms are associated with each class, who is assigned class
        • Filter by class, form, or user
          • Look up by form to see what classes have it, and what users are assigned the class/form.
        • IN PROGRESS
      • Banner Database Roles - lists all the database roles and associated privileges on database objects (i.e. tables, views, function, etc.)
        • Filter by role name, table, view, or function.
        • Banner Table Privileges (in Argos now) - based on a selected database role, you can see the privileges (select, insert, update, delete, etc.) granted on a table.
        • IN PROGRESS
      • Data Steward Approvals - lists what classes/roles a data steward is responsible for
        • IN PROGRESS

Quarterly Access Review

On a quarterly basis, the Security Coordinator will send an email to all Data Stewards to verify Banner access and receive acknowledgment of review.

It is the responsibility of the Data Stewards to verify that appropriate Banner admin pages (formerly known as forms) are within specific security classes with the correct level of access. Additionally, the Data Steward is responsible for verifying that individuals are assigned the appropriate security classes that are given in their data domain. This was originally implemented in response to a finding by KPMG when they conducted their external financial audit. 

For any security modifications or questions, please contact the Security Coordinator. 


The auditors have now requested acknowledgement of the Data Steward’s review of these quarterly reports. The Data Stewards must reply to the Security Coordinator’s email with their acknowledgement.

Other Resources

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