A variety of tools are available for you to consider when crafting your assignments. Here is a list of freely available resources, with tutorials:

Software nameDescriptionDownload



Anchor is a free platform designed for easy hosting and distribution of podcasts.

Anchor also generates an embed code that can easily be inserted into websites that will allow for easy sharing.  We recommend producing in Audacity and uploading podcast to the Anchor platform.


Audacity is free, cross platform software that allows you to record audio, or edit existing audio.

Audio files can then be exported to .wav or .mp3.

AudacityVideo tutorial (12 min)
Audio Slideshow

A CITL developed, google drive based web application that creates a slideshow of images timed to appear at specific points during an audio recording.

Audio Slideshow

Video tutorial (3 min)
CanvaCanva is an online design and publishing tool.  You can easily design images, Zoom backgrounds, presentations, social media, and more.  Canva

Canva Tutorials

OR log in to Linkedin Learning and search for Canva


GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done.

GIMP Tutorials links
iMovieiMovie is a free video editing software that comes with your Mac computer.Apple App storeVideo tutorial (25 min)
InkscapeFree alternative to Adobe Illustrator for creating vector graphics.InkscapeTutorial LInks
iPhone Pocket Production

Training on how to use your iPhone to capture better video with an app that allows for more manual controls.

Goes over new features of iPhone 11 and fundamentals for filming video included techniques for making your video appear more cinematic. Shows off a few accessories that work with iPhone as well as editing the video in iMovie to make the iPhone the one stop shop for mobile video production.

Recommended to download ProMovie Recorder +

for a better video camera app.

Use free video editing app iMovie on the iPhone.

Video tutorial (1 hour 30 min)

PowerPoint or

Google slides with Audio

You can add existing audio, or record new audio directly into powerpoint.

You may have the audio play across slides, or only have it play on a specific slide.

You can also decide if the audio plays automatically, or if a mouse click prompts it.

You will just need a PC or Laptop with either a built in or USB microphone.

Lehigh Office 365 subscription

Add audio to PowerPoint tutorial (text)

Add audio to Google slides tutorial (3 min)


Powerful Desktop software for creating data visualizations. Can create a web-based interactive visualization or export to a static image.

Tableau Academic is a free license version available for students.

Tableau Academic LicenseTableau Learning Materials 
Timeline jsUsing a Google spreadsheet, TimelineJS is a tool that enables students to build interactive timelines to embed in websites or a stand alone presentation.TimelineJSVideo tutorial (2 min 30 sec)


StoryMaps are an interactive platform to present geospatial data (“maps”) and other visual media (e.g., images and videos), along with narrative text (“story”). They are created with an ArcGIS Online account and can be easily shared within small groups (classroom), large organizations (Lehigh), and the general public. Access and use is free for Lehigh students, faculty, and staff through an educational license.StoryMaps

Esri StoryMap tutorial 

Overview and ArcGIS account instructions 


WordPress is an externally-hosted tool to support academic-focused web blogs/sites for Lehigh University faculty, staff, and students. Uses include class blogs, research projects, faculty professional sites, and other academic-related uses. Lehigh's instance of WordPress, hosted by CampusPress, will automatically create a personal site for each Lehigh user once they log in. Additional sites can be made for individual projects, classes, groups etc. by request.Lehigh's WordPress  

Lehigh documentation

CampusPress documentation and tutorials 

Student example 

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