Below are instructions for configuring wireless settings for the lehigh network on devices running Apple iOS. Click the heading of the configuration settings you would like to see to expand/collapse the corresponding section. In order to successfully complete configuration you need to be in a location that provides access to the network you are trying to connect to. Though the layout of the user interface may vary slightly from iPhone/iPod Touch to iPad, the instructions below can be followed using any of those devices. If you run into problems, check out the wireless FAQ which answers the vast majority of typical issues in a very user-friendly interface. If after reviewing the FAQ you continue to have problems contact the help desk in person in the EWFM library or by phone at 610.758.HELP(4357).

1.  Tap the Settings app to open system settings.

Tap settings

2.  Tap Wi-Fi.

Tap wifi

3.  Make sure Wi-Fi is turned ON.  Then, tap lehigh. (If you just turned Wi-Fi on, wait a few moments until your device finds the wireless network.)

Tap lehigh

4.  Enter your Lehigh username (abc123) and password into their respective fields.  Then, tap Join.

Enter credentials

5.  When prompted to accept the network certificate, tap Accept.

Accept certificate

6.  Once you are successfully connected, you will see a blue checkmark appear next to the lehighnetwork.