Here is an instructional video that demonstrates how to use the Audio Recording Studio in Mountaintop Building C. The room supports 3 microphones.

Refer to the calendar below to check room availability. To reserve the room or contact us to obtain card swipe access, please contact

View our Audacity tutorials here.

Tutorial: How to use the Audio Recording Studio in Building C Room 120B

Calendar and reservations
The Audio Recording studio, Room 120b is a space for users to easily record quality narrations, voiceovers, interviews and podcasts on their own. The room allows for up to 3 individuals to record at once and is built to be easy to use. Users can record their audio, and save the files directly to their USB drive or SD Card when finished. A tutorial on how to use the room is available here. The audio studio is available for reservations 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday. This room requires card swipe access in advance so please plan accordingly. Card swipe requests can take up to 2-3 days to be implemented.

To reserve the room please contact

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