2020 Ramp-Up

The LTS Ramp Up will be live on July 10! Check back then. 

The LTS Ramp Up is an online orientation to Lehigh's Library and Technology Services (LTS). When you complete the 1/2 hour orientation to LTS, you will be entered in a drawing to win prizes, including:

  • 3 $20 Amazon gift cards
  • 3 $25 Amazon gift cards
  • 3 $50 Amazon gift cards
  • 4 $100 Amazon gift cards

You will receive a notification when you complete the LTS Ramp Up and you will be entered automatically. If you have questions, contact helpdesk@lehigh.edu


I have completed an activity, but the checkbox isn't checked.

Try refreshing the browser/page -- this will update the checkboxes and hopefully your checkbox will be checked. If not, try making the check manually (solid line boxes are checked manually).

I finished a module but can't figure out how to return to the LTS Ramp-Up

Usually there is a "breadcrumb"  menu at the top of the screen that looks like this:  


There may also be a link on the last page of the activity, e.g., Return to the LTS Ramp Up.  Note that videos will open in a new window or tab, so check your browser tabs to find the LTS Ramp Up.

How can I get to the LTS Ramp-Up without clicking on the email link?

Go to coursesite.lehigh.edu. Under My Courses, choose Administrative courses. The LTS Ramp Up link appears there.

What if I have other problems?

Contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or email helpdesk@lehigh.edu.