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The LUapps Virtual Desktop Computer, also referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) gives students, faculty, and staff a remote computing experience similar to their on-campus computers.

Currently available Virtual Desktops:

  • Faculty-Staff Virtual Desktop: This includes access to H: drive, J: Drive, I: Drive, Argos, and Banner-related functions.
  • LTS Virtual Computer Lab: This includes access to all standard software available at the public computing sites, such as Microsoft Office, Matlab, SAS, and more.
  • LTS Virtual ME-CAD Workstation: This includes access to everything included in the LTS Virtual Computer Lab, with the addition of CAD software

NOTE for Desktop Finance Users: Please note the latest version of Desktop Finance in the folder J:\banner\DesktopFinance\ and as of 3/18/2020 it is named Desktop_Finance_dmrt_031220.accdb. Copy this file from the J: Drive to your VDI Faculty-Staff Virtual Desktop. Remember to do the refresh your fund balances step in Desktop Finance after you copy the new version to your computer.

To access a virtual desktop computer, follow the instructions below.

  1. Connect to the Lehigh VPN by following the instructions at

  2. Download and install the Citrix Workspace software at

    For Windows PCs:

    For Macs:

  3. Find the icon for Citrix Workspace in your Windows Start Menu or Mac Applications and launch the program

  4. In the Add Account screen, enter this server address: Note: This will not work unless you have already connected to the VPN as specified in Step 1

  5. Upon logging in, note the brown bar going across the top of the window. Click on the “Desktops” icon

  6. Click the icon for the Virtual Computer you would like to use to start your session.

  7. You may now use the Virtual Desktop Computer.

    Warning! - Save data only to H: drive or I: drive. Locally stored data will not be saved!

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