Faculty, staff and students have access to a 10 GB network storage drive, called the 'H drive' (for "home" directory). How you access the H drive on your computer depends on your computer's configuration and your location (on or off campus), but here are a few easy ways to find the H drive:

  • All public site computers and most staff and faculty desktops automatically connect to your H-drive when you log into them. 
  • If your system doesn't automatically connect to it, you can connect manually by following these instructions. 
  • Note: to access your H: drive off-campus, you must connect to the Lehigh VPN first.

The H: drive has several features that can be useful...

  • The H drive has a "public" folder where you can store files that you would like to share with all Lehigh users. There is an LU Public icon on the Start Menu of many computers that lists public folders by username.
  • The H: drive space is backed up 3 times / day using two different methods (nightly to tape).
  • The H: drive is regularly scanned for viruses.
  • If you accidentally delete a file on the H: drive you may be able to restore it yourself -- see instructions for restoring an overwritten file and restoring a deleted file

All public site computers, and most Windows staff computers (depending on how a particular computer is configured) have an LU Public link in the Start menu. The LU Public link displays links to all public folders for students, faculty, and staff in alphabetical order by username. Public folders contain publicly accessible files for each user.