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ID lit on games

Ok, this isn't ID lit, but these are games or resources or testimonials that are too fun to ignore

  • Eco (from Strange Loop Games)
    • It works like this: a new server is started, and players enter at the beginnings of civilization. There’s a world-destroying cataclysm looming, like a drought or a flood or a meteor heading for the Earth, several real-time weeks away. In order to prevent that catastrophe from happening, you need to build a civilization and advance technology and resources to the point that the crisis can be averted. However you’re not alone in this world. Besides the other players, you’ll be sharing the world with a detailed wilderness simulation full of plants and animals. They simulate 24 hours a day, living out their lives with or without human interaction, growing, feeding and reproducing. Together they form an ecosystem rich with resources, resources that you must use to survive and develop a civilization.
  • Game-making tools - collective spreadsheet
    • Public on the web...but doesn't look like it really took off. Still a pretty neat resource for seeing a bunch of game-building tools all in one spot.
  • Video gaming made me a history major (As advertised. Note that I have yet to observe a flood of undergrad history majors bursting forth as a result of video game playing....)
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