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In no particular order...

  • - What is Instructional Design? 
  • - It's time to learn.
  • EduTechWiki - Instructional Design
  • University of Michigan ed tech class - Definitions of Instructional Design. Variety of definitions of and relating to ID. Pretty good stuff. I have similar views.
  • Instructional Design OG Don Clark - Instructional Design. A voice from the field...and one who carries a lot of authority.
  • - So What Do You Really Mean By 'Instructional Designer'? H/t Dr. G, fall 2015. Discusses ID and specifically the job done by ID'ers working for Arizona State University. Does a nice job of speaking our language -- ID is a pretty vague term, so what does that really mean? The graphics are worth a shout-out: The one at the top is actually pretty good at covering the waterfront, and the one in the body of the article is ridiculously fun ('Helvetica Forever'!!!!!). To get a little meta for a second: It's a good illustration of the different ways in which graphics are important: informative, engaging, dialing the affective response in a fun/friendly direction...we can learn a thing or two from this!
  • Christy Tucker - What does an instructional designer do? A pretty thorough discussion from one practitioner.
  • - What Does an Instructional Designer Do? 3 Myths Revealed - Mashes together several topics (what is ID, what do ID'ers do, "3 myths about ID"), but still an interesting source. If you take the time to look at the author and the other things he's written, he seems to have good advice; definitely consider returning to this source as needed to complete your project work.
  • - Instructional Design. I'm perhaps overly fond of Wikipedia. I find it immensely useful and endlessly interesting, particularly when you take the time to read the Talk page, look at the history of edits, examine the references and other links, etc. So: If you haven't done so already, see what Wikipedia has to say about instructional design.

Other sources are of course possible; feel free to suggest!

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