Frequently encountered issues with Microsoft OneDrive:

How much space do I have in my Lehigh OneDrive account?

All users have a 1TB quota for Lehigh OneDrive. There is currently a limit of 20,000 files and/or folders within an individual's OneDrive space.

Individual files stored in OneDrive for Business can be, at most, 10GB each.

Can I restore deleted files in my OneDrive account?

Deleted files in Lehigh OneDrive automatically go into your Recycle Bin where they remain for 90 days before being removed permanently. You can restore deleted files at any time by going into your Recycle Bin, under your Office 365 settings, and using the Restore option. See the step-by-step instructions on the process.

Even though I logged into my Office 365 account, I can't access my OneDrive.  What's wrong?

After your Lehigh Office 365 account is created it is necessary to login to the MS Office 365 site and access your Lehigh OneDrive space using the web interface. The first time you access OneDrive from the web interface your space will be provisioned for you. If this first-login and provisioning is not done it will not be possible to use Lehigh OneDrive from a computer or mobile device.

Try logging in and clicking on OneDrive in the web interface at

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