If your Windows-based system doesn't automatically connect to your R: drive, you can manually connect using the following procedure (click to enlarge images):

1.  Click 'Start' and type the following into the search box, '\\rdrive.cc.lehigh.edu\' and press 'Enter' or 'Return'.

text in search box

2.  If you're prompted for a username and password, use your Lehigh username and password, and pre-pend 'ad\' to your username, as shown in the example:

3.  In the resulting window, you'll see your user directory on the Ceph server.  If you'd like to have your system re-connect to ceph automatically, you can right-click on your user directory, and select 'Map Network Drive'.  Alternatively, you can select 'Create Shortcut' to place a link on your desktop.

4. If you chose to 'map the drive', and click 'Finish', or simply double-click your user directory, you'll see the contents of your R-Drive and any other Ceph spaces to which you have access.