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If you have recently arranged for an Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Enterprise license from LTS, provided your index and authorized signer contact information, and you have received confirmation that a license has been assigned to your Lehigh user account, these instructions will help you get started.

If you have administrator privileges on your computer, you can download and install the necessary Creative Cloud Desktop application by following these instructions:

Step-by-step guide

The switching to and activation of the new license using your Enterprise ID is straightforward. No software installation reinstallation is necessary if you already have Creative Cloud on your computer.

  1. If this is a new installation, you can skip to the Signing In step.
  2. Sign Out from old account: From the Creative Cloud Desktop application, click on your user icon then click "Sign Out."
    On macOS the shortcut to the application is accessed via the top menu bar drop-down menu with the  icon, and from the pop-up menu in the system tray on Windows, down near the clock, also with the .
  3. Yes, you should sign out.
  4. Singing In: At the Sign-in page in the Creative Cloud Desktop app, enter your Lehigh user email address (email aliases will not work). When your cursor leaves the username text field the login window may automatically prompt you to choose between an Adobe ID or an Enterprise ID. If so, be sure to select Enterprise ID. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  5. Sign Into Your Lehigh User Account: This will launch the Lehigh Single Sign-On process by opening another window.
    (This is the same login process you use for Lehigh Google and some other cloud services.)
  6. Duo Multifactor Authentication: if your Lehigh user account is registered to use Duo multi-factor authentication, you will need to complete this step as well.
    See the Duo-Yubikey addendum below if that applies to you.
  7. C’est Voila! Once successfully authenticated and logged into Creative Cloud with your Enterprise ID you should see the list of products and the Install/Open buttons.
    It can at times take a little while for the entire activation process, on your computer, and on Adobe's servers to complete, so you may still see the "Try" or "Trial" buttons rather than "Install" for several minutes. The window will automatically refresh and show the "Install" buttons when complete.

Note regarding Yubikey use with Duo multifactor authentication:

If you are using Duo multifactor authentication and the only factor you have registered is a Yubikey, then if the login windows for Creative Cloud are not recognizing the Yubikey, you will need to generate a list of secret, one-time tokens to enter manually. You can generate these tokens here, once you have (again because this is a distinct process) authenticated: