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These are just suggestions to help you get started with word press.

TemplateThemeAttributes, Use Case


  • Lehigh branded
  • Straight-forward theme
  • Default theme for all word press sites

Use Cases

Lehigh branded blog or simple web site


  • Striking design with angled borders
  • Collapsed main menu

Use Cases

Blog with visual emphasis

Journal-style site


  • Blog-centric single column

Use Cases

Straight forward blog / web site


  • Media-Heavy
  • Splash home page with immersive video or large image

Use Cases

Blog which highlights media


  • Grid format post-centered
  • Customizable

Use Cases

Post-centered blog featuring lots of types of media and content


  • Very customizable
  • Grid posts
  • Multiple layout options
  • Front page slider

Use Cases

Customized blog or web site - control over what is displayed, layout, colors etc.