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Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage system for which Lehigh has an educational license, which formerly granted us 'unlimited'* storage space. As of DecMay, 2022 this will no longer be unlimited at Lehigh.  Synchronization tools, including Google Drive are available to automatically maintain local copies of files stored at Google.  Also, remember that Lehigh's use of Google Drive is governed by our Data Classification Policy, the Records Retention Policy, and the Cloud Computing Policy.

Drive is also the primary access point for the all of the productivity tools in G Suite -- Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Draw, etc.  

In addition to the notes below, we recommend the good Google documentation on how to use google drive.

1.  If you're not in G Suite already, open a web browser (like Google Chrome) and type into the address bar.  Then click on the 'Drive' icon.

Google Drive Selected on

2.  If you are in G Suite (in Gmail, for example) you can simply click on the 'Tools' button, and then click on 'Drive' in the menu.

Google App Launcher

3.  The Google Drive main screen is comprised of four sections:

  • A - Search bar lets you search for any file or folder to which you have access.
  • B - Drive menu lets you select the container you wish to view.
  • C - View area shows you the contents of the Drive container that you selected.
  • D - Tools area includes view options (list or grid), sort, and additional settings.

4.  When an individual file or folder is selected in the View area, additional tools appear in the container's title bar.  Clicking those icons allows you to:

  • Get the link to the document (to paste into emails or onto a web page)
  • Share the document with additional users
  • View the document in a preview window
  • Delete the file.