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Get StartedHow-to Articles and FAQ

Ready to enroll? Begin by completing the Lehigh Duo Security device enrollment options and adding your second factor device(s). Enroll as many additional factors as practical - its good to have .  For more information, refer to Two-Factor Authentication with Duo Enrollment Process.

Duo's instructions for using your devices:

Duo Mobile (Push Notifications or Passcodes): Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, Android Phone, and Windows Phone

Other Devices: Cell Phones and Landlines for SMS/Text or Voice Callback, Hardware Tokens and U2F Authenticators.

Two-Factor Authentication with Duo Prompt (SSO): How to provide your second factor when using Lehigh SSO.

Adding and removing New Devices: How to add and remove devices, sometimes referred to as authentication methods.

If you are running privacy browser extensions, you might need to whitelist

Generate Duo Backup Codes: How to print backup codes in an event your primary factor, such as cell phone, is unavailable.

For answers to common questions, visit the Two-factor Authentication with Duo FAQ.