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  1. Go to your course in Course Site

  2. Confirm that Aggregation is set to Natural (Default)

    * Go to Gradebook Set-up>Edit (Top Level of Categories)>Edit Settings 

    Leave all other settings at default 

  3. Set up categories and organize

    Add Categories

    *Go to Gradebook Set-up, scroll to bottom of screen to add category

    Example categories: Discussions, Exams, Weekly Quizzes, Attendance, Turnitin Assignments, etc.

    Organize your grade items

    * Check items to be moved on far right (under select menu) Scroll to bottom of screen
    * Select drop down box under “move selected items to”

    Grades will be recalculated and progress bar given

    Update Item point values as needed
    If you have added a
    course site item that is integrated into your gradebook, you can change the point value by editing the item located in your course topics. The default value will be 100 points.

    If you added a line item directly to your gradebook to manually enter a grade, you can change the point value by going to the gradebook setup.

    Note: If grades have already been awarded, you may not be able to make desired adjustment.

    Able to edit values New item - no grades awardedCan't change values Grades already awarded

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  4. Clean up the Student View

    Go to Gradebook Set-up> Course Grade Settings> Scroll down to User Report
    Hide Weightings, Hide Contributions to Course, Hide Ranges -- leave rest at default.