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  1. In your Perusall dashboard, click the Add button under your Documents column on the left.

  2. You can browse, search, or request a textbook by title.

  3. Once the textbook has been added to the course (you will receive notification when this has been done), you can begin assigning chapters.
  4. You also have the option of adding assignable text from local files, Dropbox, or from another Perusall course.



Assignments from one Persuall Course to Another Persuall Course

Once your requested courses for the semester have been set up in course site, connect  

  1. Connect or "provision" multiple course site sections for Perusall by adding an initial Perusal assignment to each.


  2. Set-up your assignments in your master course in Perusall.
  3. In Perusall, navigate to the course where you to copy these assignments.
  4. Go to Course Setup > Readings > Documents > Add > Materials from another course.