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About WordPress plugins

One of the key features (and downfalls) of the WordPress platform, is the availability of plugins that extend the core capabilities of a typical WordPress site. By far, the most common way for a WordPress site to be compromised is via third-party plugins. To better protect all sites within the Lehigh WordPress instance, CampusPress has developed a set of standards along with thorough review process which they use to evaluate any plugin that gets added to the repository of available plugins. While CampusPress is always reviewing plugins and keeping the repository current, the review process does take some time and some plugins fail to meet the security standards to be made available. As a result, you may notice some differences in the plugins available via a commercial instance of WordPress and Lehigh's. CampusPress does not permit anyone at Lehigh - including top-level administrators - to add plugins directly. If you discover there is a plugin you would like to use, please first review what is available as the ultimate functionality you desire is most likely accomplished by another plugin that is already available. If no alternative exists, please feel free to contact the Instructional Technology team and we will forward worthy plugin suggestions along to CampusPress for potential review.