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The Grader role is assigned to individuals that strictly need access to the gradebook and grade student submitted materials (assignments, quizzes, and other activities with submissions).  Users with this role do not have the ability to change teacher related content or modify the course layout.  Teachers can assign this role to designated individuals, but like the TA role, Graders do not have the ability to assign roles in Course Site.


The Trac role is for Trac Fellows within a course.  TRAC Fellow role will be able to view and download assignment submissions.  In addition, the TRAC Fellow role will have access to view/assign grades to assignment submissions.  Fellows WILL NOT have access to the full gradebook, only to the grading matrix of individual assignments.  In order for Fellows to have access to submissions, the role must have access to the grading matrix.  If  If you do not feel comfortable utilizing this role, your TRAC Fellows will have to find a workaround to receive, and comment on, student submissions outside of Course SIte. Please Note: This role does not work with Google or Turnitin Assignments. 


The Librarian role allows librarians in collaboration with faculty to create links to course specific research guides, e-books, e-journals  and other relevant content. Lehigh librarians can also be an online resource person for discussion forums. For more information about your librarian see: *Lehigh Librarians*. This role is restricted from viewing information pertaining to grades. Teachers can assign this role to designated individuals. The Librarian role does not have the ability to assign roles in Course Site.