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The Cyber Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Oversight Committee provides guidance and oversight to the information security policies, strategies, and initiatives at Lehigh University. The Committee is led by the Chief Information Security Officer and is comprised of representatives from the Faculty, Legal Counsel, Risk Management, Internal Audit, University Communications and Public Affairs, Student Affairs and Library and Technology Services.


 Committee Members

 Keith K. Hartranft - Chief Information Security Officer (Chair)

 Walt Conway - Assistant Director, Internal Audit

 Gary DeLeo  - Professor, Physics

 William Dewalt - Assistant General Counsel

 Madalyn Eadline - Assistant to Vice Provost for Student Affairs/Director, Office of Special Projects

 Timothy Foley - Director, Client Services, LTS

 Richard Freeman - Director, Risk Management

 Roy Gruver - Director, Technology Management, LTS

 Linda Jean Harbrecht - Director, Communications, UCPA

 Daniel Lopresti - Interim Dean, College of P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science 

 Jessica Manno - Director, Student Affairs Planning and Assessment

 Steve Oblas - Executive Director, Internet and Design Services, UCPA

 Manny Pena - Director, Enterprise System Implementation, LTS

 Mary Louise Powers - Senior Database Analyst, LTS

 Sara Rodgers - Former Chief Information Security Officer, LTS

 Stephen Roseman - Manager, Systems and Networking Administration, LTS

 Karen Salvemini - Equal Opportunity Coordinator, Office of the General Counsel

 Greg Skinner - Manager, Web and Mobile Services, LTS


 Bruce Taggart - Vice Provost, Library and Technology Services


 Cyber Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance