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NOTE: Bruce Taggert announced due to Sherri Yerk-Zwickl's departure July 2017, this committee is on hold  until he has selected another Chair.


The Information Systems Steering Committee (ISSC) will enhance communication and understanding of Lehigh University information systems issues and directions.

ISSC reviews proposed projects relating to Information Technology (IT) functions and IT-enabled processes, evaluates them relative to the Lehigh University strategic plan and the operational needs of the University, and makes recommendations to the Vice Provost for Library & Technology Services (LTS) with regard to resource allocation and priorities.

ISSC also advises LTS on future needs and developments in the area of institutional systems and service improvement priorities at the enterprise and departmental levels.


In 1999 the LEWIS project team was formed as a result of the Banner software acquisition to provide the campus community with an oversight group responsible for developing the project implementation plan, assuring vendor compliance, monitoring schedules, and directing issues toward resolution. Since 1999 the growth and complexity of campus-wide information systems has expanded to include the new peripheral systems, web applications, and cloud-based services. The LEWIS project team has been renamed the Information Systems Steering Committee (ISSC) to take into consideration a broad cross-section of oversight issues related to existing and new systems. The new ISSC will be reviewing and discussing campus-wide information systems growth and development and not just Banner. This committee was reformed in January 2013.

Committee Members

Vacant (Chair)

Rose Anne Martinuzzi, IT Project Manager, LTS Planning & Administration

Yenny Anderson, Interim Vice Provost, Institutional Research

Alec Bodzin - Assoc. Professor, Ed. & Human Svcs.

Toni Lee Febbo, Director of HR Services

Michael Gill, Assoc. Professor, Psychology

Keith Hartranft, Chief Information Security Officer, LTS

Jennifer Jensen - Deputy Provost, Academic Affairs

Hank Korth  - Professor, Computer Sci & Engineering

Ainsley Lamberton, Administrative Director, Research & Graduate Studies

Kathy Miller - Controller

Christopher Mulvihill, Assistant Dean of Students, Student Life

Jennifer O'brien-Knotts - Director, Enrollment Serv Syst, Provost Office

Julie Oltman - Asst. Director for Technology, Athletics

Manny Pena - Director, Enterprise Syst Impl, LTS

Christine Roysdon - Director, Library Coll/Scholarly Comm., LTS

Sean Shappell, Director, Information Systems, Development

Robert Siegfried - Director, Finance & Administration Sys.

Systems Mgr., International Affairs Representative - Vacant

CBE Representative - Vacant


Bruce Taggart - Vice Provost, Library & Technology Services

Administrative Support:

Helen Zuercher - Executive Secretary, LTS


Working Groups

Project Portfolio and Governance Group - Convened January 2015

Software and Device Portfolio Group - Convened January 2015


Meeting Information

Meetings will be held monthly during the fall and spring semesters.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are available at this page: ISSC Meeting Minutes