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Instructions for teaching in Hyflex 2 Classrooms

Click here for a list List of HyFlex2 rooms


A dual-camera classroom to which remote students can connect in real time

Core technologies installed in the learning space include:

Lectern-facing camera

Audience-facing camera

Fixed microphone attached to lectern

Wireless microphone receiver (wireless microphones are available at the Digital Media Studio, contact to reserve)

Ceiling microphones for capturing audience audio

Document camera

Annotatable monitor

Video Tutorial:

<iframe src="" height="405" width="720" style="border: 1px solid #464646;" allowfullscreen allow="autoplay"></iframe>


1. Tap the small touch panel screen twice to wake up touchpad and turn on projector(s).

2.  Log into room PC

3.  Launch Zoom from the start menu of the Classroom PC and log into Zoom.

4.  When Zoom first opens click " Test Speaker and Microphone"

5.  If you hear the ringtone coming from the room speakers, it is configured correctly and you should click "Yes" to advance.

If you do not hear the ringtone over the room speakers, make sure (Extron Media Port 200) is selected in the Speaker 1: dropdown and re-test.

6.  Test the microphone by speaking a sentence or two and waiting to hear the playback. If it is configured correctly, you should hear your voice played back over the room speakers. if this is the case click "Yes".

If you do not hear your voice played back over the room speakers, make sure (Extron Media Port 200) is selected in the Microphone 1: dropdown and re-test.

7.  Once the speaker and microphone settings are correct, you will be notified with a message that reads "Speaker and microphone looks good".

Click "Join with Computer Audio" to advance.

Tip: In addition to verifying audio settings, be sure to check HD

8.  To make sure that what you see on your display matches what your Zoom audience will see, click the arrow next to "Stop Video" and go to "Video Settings" Then check the box next to "Enable HD" and UN-CHECK the box next to "Mirror my video"

9.  To select which of the 2 room cameras you want displayed on Zoom, press "Camera Controls" on the room touchpad.

10.  Here you will be able to choose from the Audience Camera or the Presenter Camera.

In addition, you can tilt, pan or zoom the selected camera using the advanced camera controls on the touchpad.

11.  To send the image from the room's document camera to your Zoom audience, click on the arrow to the right of "Stop Video" in the Zoom application.  Make sure the document camera is powered on, then select "Wolfvision UVC Camera"

12. Now whatever is placed on the document camera, will be displayed to your Zoom audience.

13.  To go back to the classroom camera, click the Zoom video selection arrow again and select "Extron Media Port 200".

14.  When finished with class, log off the PC and press the power button in the upper right of the touchpad and select the green confirmation button to shut down.

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