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If you encounter a problem connecting to the wireless network, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

1.  Click the AirPort icon on the top menu bar.  You should see a checkmark next to lehigh indicating that you are connected to the network. 

If you are still unable to view web pages, open the AirPort menu again and select Open Network Preferences.

Connected to network

2.  Verify two things to confirm if you are successfully connected:

  1. Your IP address should start with 128.180 
  2. You should be authenticated via PEAP (MSCHAPv2)

If either or both of these are not correct, click Advanced to open the advanced AirPort settings window. NOTE: In order to make changes on any of the Network preferencescreens, the yellow padlock in the lower-left corner should appear unlocked. If it is locked, click the lock and enter your Mac user name and Mac password into their respective fields. Your account must have administrator privileges to make these changes.

Confirm IP

3.  Click the TCP/IP tab.

4.  Make sure that:

  • Configure IPv4 is set to Using DHCP
  • Configure IPv6 is set to Off
  • Click OK, then click Apply. 

If this does not fix the problem, click the Advanced button again and follow the instructions below. 

Turn off IPV6

5.  Remove any previous instances of "lehigh" from the list of Preferred Networks by clicking on the entry, and then clicking the minus[-] button. 

Then, click the plus[+] button to add a fresh wireless network profile.

Add network profile

6.  Enter the following values:

  • Network Name:  lehigh
  • Security:  WPA2 Enterprise
  • Username:  <your Lehigh username>
  • Password:  <your Lehigh password>

Click OK.

Edit profile

7.  Click OK to close the advanced AirPort settings window.

Close Advanced settings

8.  Click Apply to apply all the changes,

Then click System Preferences on the menu bar at the top-left of the screen, and select Quit System Preferences from the drop down menu.

Apply changes