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  • Always use double-sided printing
  • Reduce the margins and font size on your papers/projects
  • Use Print Preview and only print the pages you need
  • Print multiple PowerPoint slides on one page. Under Print Settings, you can change the print layout to "Handouts" and designate the number of slides - up to 9 - you want to appear on each page. PaperCut will only count that one side of the page rather than the number of slides that appear on it. -
  • Collaborate using electronic documents whenever possible. Use email, CourseSite, or Lehigh's Google Docs to create, share, and edit documents.
  • Check the printer status before trying to print more than once
  • Pick up your print jobs as soon as you print; don't wait to get them later or they may get placed in the recycling container.
  • Think before you print! Do I really need to print this email, Webpage, etc?

Other Printing Resources

  • LTS Print Select tool - Use this web tool to find and configure a network printer
  • Photocopying is available for a fee in the libraries.
  • Printing and Mailing Services is a Business Services cost center which has many services available from simple copying, to designing and making posters, or mailing out addressed letters. You can use the PMS E-Z order to place an order online.
  • The Mail Room at Campus Square also offers color copies and other printing services for more "professional" or custom jobs.
  • The Lehigh Environmental Advisory Group (LEAG) is a campus organization which has taken the lead in addressing printing waste and other important institutional environmental and sustainability initiatives. You can email LEAG at with any questions.