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The Qualtrics survey software licensed for campus-wide use offers a new feature -- the file upload capability. Faculty, staff, and students can allow survey-takers to upload their own local files up to 16MB in size to the Qualtrics server, where survey creators may retrieve them. The steps for using the File Upload feature are below. Note: If you already have an existing survey and would like to add a file upload feature, you can skip to Step 4.

1.  Log into the Qualtrics survey tool ( and click on Create Survey.

Create survey icon

2.  In the next screen, you are presented with options for creating a survey. For demonstration purposes, select Quick Survey Builder.

Quick Survey Builder option

3.  Name your survey, select a destination folder if desired, and click Create Survey.

4.  You are now viewing a "blank" survey. You have many options for formatting and designing a survey, and generally you want to plan your survey questions and survey flow before starting to create your survey. For purposes of demonstrating the file upload feature, click on Create a New Item to create a survey item.

Create a New Item icon

5.  A menu will appear to the right. The default question item type is Multiple Choice. To change the item type, click on the down arrow to the right of Multiple Choice.

multiple choice default item type -- note down arrow

6.  Among the options that now display to the left, choose File Upload.

File Upload appears in the lower left corner of the options

7.  You have now selected file upload item type. Notice the content validation option below your choice -- you can click on the Content Validation icon to require your survey-takers to submit files of type pdf, document, spreadsheet, graphic, or extensions.

File upload with validation options

8.  On the main part of the screen, there is now a File Upload item within your survey. You can customize the text, and note, as you begin to type, that you can enable the rich text editor to take advantage of bolding, italicizing, hyperlink, image display features, and other display features.