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Most Windows PCs at Lehigh are configured to check usernames and passwords against a network database (-- our 'Active Directory' domain, "ad" which contains Lehigh Computing accounts).  But, but sometimes, it’s necessary to log into one with a local account -- that is, one who's username and password are stored on that computer.

Computing Consultant teams for each stem at Lehigh set the password for the local ‘Administrator’ account on the machines they set up, and often create other local user accounts for administration purposes by the users of those computers.

The trick is how to tell the computer where to check for the account.  The secret is below:

1.  At the login screen, in the username box, precede the local username (like 'Administrator') with ".\".

For example if your local account is called 'LocalAdmin' you'd enter ".\LocalAdmin" in the username box.

Make note how the 'Sign in to:' line changes from 'AD' to the computer's name, (FS00155D615004, in this example).