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To receive mail from another email account in your 'primary' email account, Gmail offers two methods: a) set the 'additional' account to 'forward' mail (whenever it's received), or b) set the 'primary' account to collect it along with the mail from the primary account.  The steps below describe option one, and configure the setup to leave messages on the 'additional' account, for others to be able to read also, if the account is shared among multiple users.  This basically lets the user know if there's email to respond to in the other account.  

Note:  This is the second integration step (of 3) in 'Gmail: Working with Multiple Gmail Accounts'.  

As usual, click on images to enlarge them.

1.  Log into your 'additional' Gmail account by selecting it from your account list.  If you don't have your delegated account there, see Delegation: Enable One Lehigh Gmail Account to Access Another.

2.  In the 'additional' account, click on the 'Gear' icon, and select 'Settings'

gmail open settingsImage Modified

3.  Click on the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' tab, and in the 'Forwarding' section, click 'Add a Forwarding Address'

4.  In the resulting window, enter your 'primary' email address, and click 'Next'.  In the confirmation window, click 'Proceed', and finally, back in the 'Add forwarding address' window, click 'OK'.

5.  Next, back in the settings window:

  •  click on the radio button beside 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to',
  • double-check that the pull-downs show the email address you entered
  • leave the 'keep xyz's copy in the Inbox' setting as it is.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and click 'Save Changes'

6.  To test, send an email to your 'additional' email address (from somewhere _other_ than your primary address), and see that it appears in your 'primary' account's inbox.