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To make accessing your Network Storage Spaces (Personal or Departmental) as easy as it can be on a Mac, a desktop alias (shortcut) is very handy.  Follow the instructions below to create one.

1.  First, set your Finder preferences to show desktop icons for connected servers.  To do this, click on the desktop, to switch to the Finder.  Then, select Preferences from the Finder menu.

2.  In the Finder Preferences window, click on the General tab, and make sure there is a check in the box labelled Connected Servers (and anything else you want to make sure appears).  Then, close the window.

mac Finder prefs windows

3.  Next, follow the instructions in macOS: Connect to H: Drive Personal Network Storage, or macOS: Access I: Drive Departmental File Storage to connect a network storage space.

4.  After following those instructions, an icon will appear on the desktop labelled with your username (or the folder you select within the I-Drive).  Right-click on that icon, and select 'Make Alias . . .'


5.  Note the small arrow indicating that it's alias, rather than a regular file.  Move it anywhere on your desktop.  You can also re-name it, to differentiate it from an alias to your R-drive (which would have the same name).  

To access your Personal Network Storage Space again, be sure you're connected to the Lehigh network first, and then, double-click your alias.  If desired, you can also follow the instructions to macOS: Automatically Connect to Network Storage.