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It can be helpful to not have to manually connect to network drives on a Lehigh Mac every time you log in.  Follow the instructions below to have them automatically connected when you log into your machine.  Remember, your Mac must be connected to the Lehigh network when it starts, so this is really only for use on campus.

1.  First, manually mount the desired drive(s) using the instructions at macOS: Connect to H: Drive Personal Network Storage  or macOS: Access Departmental File Storage, making sure to specify Remember this password in the final connection step.

2.  Next, Follow the instructions in Create a Desktop Alias to a Network Storage Space in macOS.

3.  Then, from the Apple Menu, select 'System Preferences', and in the 'System Preferences' window, click on 'Users and Groups'

4.  In the 'Users and Groups' pane, click on the 'Login Items' tab.

login items tab on users panel

5.  In the 'Login Items' tab, click on the 'plus' in the lower right-hand corner of the window section.

login items plus button

6.  Now, navigate to your desktop and select the alias that you created earlier, and click 'Add'.

7.  Lastly, restart your Mac to test it out.  You should see your mounted drives appear on the desktop, without having to type anything.