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Follow the instructions below to add someone else's Google calendar to your calendar list. If the user whose calendar you would like to add does not use Gmail, you will not be able to add their calendar with these instructions.

1.  Go to your Google Calendar (

2.  Under Other calendars on the left, click on the the 'plus' and select 'Subscribe to calendar' in the resulting menu.  (Note that you can use this same menu to create a new, separate calendar of your own, to organize sets or types of events, and share or publish them differently).

3.  In the 'Add calendar' box, begin typing the user's Lehigh University email address.  When you see the user you're looking for listed, click on their entry in the resulting list.

Note: be careful not to let 'Autocorrect' alter what you typed.

4.  You'll then be taken to the 'Settings' page for that calendar entry which will show you what permissions you (and others) have with respect to that calendar.  Note the color selected for that calendar, and then, Click the 'Back' arrow, to return to your calendar.

5.  You'll now see that user's calendar in your 'Other calendars' list, shown with a a 'Show / Hide' checkbox and see listings of that user's calendar events in that calendar's color.