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Lehigh Identification Number (LIN)

This 9-digit Lehigh identification number replaces the use of Social Security number (SSN) for identity purposes. You may use this number to access library services such as PALCI and ILLIAD. This number does not change. There are two ways to find your LIN:

Find your LIN in Banner

  1. Go to
  2. From the menu, select Banner.
  3. Enter your Lehigh username and password.
  4. Click on Personal Information.
  5. Click on What's My Lehigh ID Number?

Find your LIN via the Accounts page

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Display Account Information.
  3. Enter your Lehigh username and password.
  4. Your LIN number will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

Your LIN number always begins with 8, and the last four digits are printed on your Lehigh ID card, so you only need to remember the middle 4 digits.

Personal Identification Number (PIN):  

This 6-character value  is used with the LIN to authenticate an individual in Banner, Lehigh's academic accounting software.   An initial Banner PIN is generated for you when you start at Lehigh.  You will need to change your pre-assigned PIN value when you open your computing account.


  • The Banner PIN is often confused with the student "registration" or ALT PIN, which is NOT part of the Lehigh ID system. The registration ALT PIN is a single-use number supplied by student advisors to permit students to register for courses. 

Computing Accounts, Usernames and Passwords

When you arrive at Lehigh, you open a computing account which provides you with access to many Lehigh systems and services, including email, library resources, Webspace, shared file storage space, and more. This computing account consists of a username and password.


Username:  The username is the first part of your email address (the xyz123 part of '' ) and is also used to log into many Lehigh services. It is paired with a password that you assign. Usernames created prior to 2005 are four characters long, e.g., sek2. Those created since then are six characters long, and based on initials and a three digit number.


When you open your account, you assign yourself a password. Passwords must follow certain rules. They must:

  • Be 8 or more characters long
  • Contain at least one alphabetic character
  • Contain at least one numeric or punctuation character.
  • Be changed every 6 months,
  • Not match any previously used password.

Security Questions

: Security questions (formerly called challenge questions) are used to confirm your identity should you forget your password or PIN. You will need to set your security questions when you open your account. You can change them from the same page that you use to change your password. Hint: The security questions must be answered letter for letter (if you type "daisy" as your answer, the response "daisies" will be incorrect.

Other Account Types

  • Banner Accounts for administrators: Banner Self Service (also known as "Web for...") typically only provides access to various aspects of your own personal Banner information. Individuals who have update or query capabilities (for financial records, student records, etc.) within Banner will need to have a separate Banner account. Accounts accessing Banner in this manner (known as Internet Native Banner or Banner Forms) will utilize your same username as per above, but will use a different password which is maintained separately from your primary password.
  • R25 25Live accounts: 25Live is a room scheduling system used by the university to schedule classes and other events. To get an account on this system, see the room coordinator for your department or college, or contact the University Center.
  • Departmental or club accounts: These are accounts used to manage departmental email or Web pages. Contact Kelly Decker at 8-3990 to inquire about these accounts.