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  • Tactics & advice for doctoral research mentoring

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(Just the perspectives of one faculty member in TLT–none of this is to be taken as policy or a consensus view)


  • Searching the lit: How do you find research? What options do you have? Have at least three consistent, comfortable search paths (JSTOR, Google Scholar, ERIC? EBSCO?)
  • Evaluating lit: Among the citations you find, how do you decide which ones to focus on? How do you decide to find them credible or not? Know at least TWO metrics of journal or article or author impact.
  • Organizing your thinking
    • Do you have a system for tracking what you've read & what it said?
    • How can you connect what you're reading to what you're thinking about / writing about / designing?
  • Writing: How do you cycle between process writing and product writing to move forward on your goals?
  • (Cycling through all of the above)