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Comment: Merged local Kumo faq into this doc, since the kumo faq is actually on the kumo website.


Screenshot from a PC

Screenshot from a Mac


If you don't have the latest version of the Citrix client, you may need to update it.  Once you have updated the client, you should be prompted to allow Citrix access to the network/cloud spaces. After that you should be able to see the drive(s) under This PC. To update your Citrix Client follow instructions at How To Find Your Citrix Client Version Number (and Check for Updates).


Shared Files

By default, users will only have access to folders and files they have created and own on the cloud services.  To access shared folders or files in the cloud via LUapps, goto preferred service (example below is for Google Drive), and right-click on folder or file and select 'Add to my drive.'

The folder or file will be accessible via LUapps.



Note that issues have been reported using Kumo with Netbeans and a few other software packages.