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MultiTaction Curved iWall: Comprised of nine vertically-oriented, 55-inch high-definition displays that curve in front of portions of three walls, this highly sophisticated video wall affords multiple users the simultaneous opportunity to tactically manipulate images, digital files, and other forms of data.


How to Turn on the MultiTaction Wall

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Wake up the touch panel in the black cabinet by pressing once and then select multi-traction mode.

How to use a Canvas on the MultiTaction Wall


Pin the Canvas

Normally, you can move and resize a canvas. The Pin feature lets you pin or lock the visible area of canvas so that it cannot be moved or resized. To pin the canvas, tap the Pin button in the system menu on the right-hand side of the screen; tap it again to unpin the canvas.

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This menu is located on the far right of the

multi-taction screen.

Fit to Screen

This feature chooses a zoom to achieve a ‘best fit’ on the screens available. In technical terms, it expands or shrinks the viewport to include all items on the canvas. Tap the Fit to Screen button to zoom the canvas in or out so that all content is visible on the screen. 

Anchor list

Anchors are fixed areas of the canvas, defined by users. You can define any area on the canvas as an anchor. You can then jump to an individual anchor or launch a presentation, displaying each anchor in sequence. 

To manage your existing anchors, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Anchor List button to show all existing anchors.

  2. In the Anchor List widget, tap an anchor to jump directly to it.

Canvas list

You can switch between the different canvases available.

Using the touch screen

Hand gestures

The hand and finger gestures recognized by MT Canvus are generally the same as the gestures for using smart phones or tablets. For example, use the familiar pinch and spread gestures to zoom in or out:

  • You can also use your finger to drag or swipe items on screen.
  • Tap the screen with your finger to ‘press’ buttons and open or close menus.
  • A ‘long press’ (tap and hold) is equivalent to right-clicking with a mouse.



Anchors are fixed areas of the canvas. You can jump to an individual anchor or you can make a presentation or ‘slideshow’ that glides through a series of anchors in a predefined sequence.

To create an anchor:

  1. Open the Finger menu.
  2. Tap the Toolbox button.

  3. Tap the New Anchor button.

  4. Move and resize the anchor frame to cover the area you want

    • You cannot change the shape of the anchor frame. Its shape is locked to the aspect ratio of the current workspace

  5. Tap the Create Anchor Here button and name the new anchor

    • Do not tap the blue anchor in the center of the frame. The blue anchor is only displayed to help you locate and reposition the frame.

  6. Find the new anchor in the Anchor List widget. 

Screen Sharing and Inputs

How to Turn Off the MultiTaction Wall

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If required, wake up the touch panel in the black cabinet by pressing once and then select system off in lower left of main menu.